Aforex Review

Company Aforex
Established in 2007 in Russia
Online since 2007
International Offices Russia
Payment Methods Visa, Master card, WebMoney, Wire Transfer
Demo Accounts & Platforms MetaTrader 4, MetaTader Mobile
Account currencies USD, Euro
Regulated & Registered by KPOYᶲP
Are US Traders allowed? No
Bonus? (detailed)
Languages in which website is available? English, Russian
Languages in which Support is available? English, Russian
Different Support methods? Call Back, Chat, Email, Phone, Newsletter, Forums, and Manuals.
Types of Account (micro standard executive islamic) They offer only 1 account type which is a combination of all favorable bonuses, terms of trading and benefits.
Minimum deposit in accounts $100
Minimum position size 0.01 lots
Type of Spread? Fixed
Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 2
Is Scalping Allowed? Yes
Types of Trading Instruments (GOLD; CFD, etc. and the leverage) Leverage from 1:1 to 1:500, Trading in 20 currencies and two metals Gold and Silver
Real Trading platforms MetaTrader 4, MetaTader Mobile
Digits after the dot in quotes
Margin call level
Stop-out level
Total Number of currency pairs
Any Bonus offers Yes
Affiliate program Available?
Facility of Overnight interest rates (swaps) No
Do they have Trailing stop?
Do they have Pending orders?
Mobile trading allowed? Yes
Browser-based platform present? Yes

aforexAforex is a Russian Brokerage company which was started in the year 2007. They have their office in Russia only and started their internet based online trading service the very same year. They do not allow traders from United States to trade from their accounts. The company is well regulated by the regulating authority of Russian which is KPOYᶲP. They have very limited payment options and include Visa, Master Card, WebMoney and Wire Transfer. The currencies that the trader can have in their account are only Euro and USD.  Their website is available only in Russian and can pose a problem for all those who do not know Russian to navigate through it. However, their customer support service is available in English along with Russian. Their customer support service is excellent and they can be reached via call back, live chat, email, phone, newsletters, forums and manuals. They have all the major currency pairs to trade in. They also offer to their client personal managers to manage their accounts better. Islamic account is also offered to the Muslim traders who follow Islamic laws on trading.

The traders can available the facility of demo account for unlimited time and the trading platform offered is the most reputed one in the forex market, that is Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader Mobile.  They offer just one type of account which has all the facilities of bonuses and various benefits and terms for trading. The minimum deposit required to open an account with them is $100 and the minimum position size is 0.01 lots. They offer trading in Gold and Silver along with forex and the leverage varies from 1:1 to 1:500. They do have interest rate on funds and the interest rate requite is very low. They allow their traders to do scalping while trading.

Going through the reviews about a company which are posted online by their users can help you in deciding which company to choose. The trading platform that is offered by the company to its traders is Meta Trader 4and Meta Trader Mobile which is the most reputed trading platform in the forex market and the reviews state that it helps them in fast execution of trade. They offer their customers the facility of personal managers which helps them manage their account effectively. They also have automated trading facility which allows them to get their trades being placed automatically. They offer Islamic accounts to their Muslim traders which are liked by many. They have fixed spread and are liked by many traders as it allows them to know about the cost of their trade before placing the order. Many traders who like to scalp love the fact that it allows scalping. Many of the reviews have spoken positively about their customer support service and rated it as excellent. A few cons is that they have only one type of account and that the website is available only in Russian. The average rating given to the company by its customers is 4.2 out of 10.

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